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Cornu Master School 11.-13.04.2023 Anneau du Rhin

Hello Racer,

we spent 3 days at ADR with Cornu Master School. The first two days were dedicated to the newcomers to the racetrack. Elvir Softic and his established team showed the pilots in various exercises what is important to move safely on the race track with the bike. Special attention was focused on the correct cornering technique as well as the correct braking behaviour. On the 3rd day of the event, free riding was on the programme, with 3 performance groups of 20 minutes each. In the fast category there were some riders who had contact with the asphalt with their elbows and presented the photographer with the challenge of capturing this in the picture:) Old master Jacques Cornu also took the opportunity to do a few laps with his passenger on the ADR.

The photos from 11.04.2023, 12.04.2023 and 13.04.2023 are available online. We wish you a lot of fun to “view the photos”

Your SpoRTfoto Trescher Team

Reinhold & Ulli