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Cornu Master School 18.-19.07.2023 in Anneau du Rhin

Cornu Master School 18-19 July 2023 in Anneau du Rhin – An unforgettable race track event!

Two intense days of adrenaline, speed and learning opportunities took place at the Cornu Master School in Anneau du Rhin from 18-19 July 2023. Driving enthusiasts had the unique opportunity to improve their driving skills and test their limits on the race track.

The programme offered everything that makes a motorsport enthusiast’s heart beat faster: Braking exercises, cornering and many other driving challenges were accompanied by professional instructors. Each participant received an individual discussion and correction of their driving style in order to work specifically on their own skills.

The track demanded the utmost concentration from the drivers, but the dedicated team of instructors was on hand to give them valuable tips on how to negotiate the bends even better and hit the braking points perfectly.

The two days were additionally put to the test by extreme weather conditions. In sweltering heat, the participants had to keep a cool head, while the first day even surprised with unexpected rain and hail showers. But even the changeable weather could not dampen the enthusiasm – on the contrary, it presented the riders with additional challenges and made the event even more memorable.

Despite the extreme conditions, the Cornu Master School was a complete success. The participants made immense progress and the atmosphere was one of enthusiasm and ambition.

The most sporting moments were of course captured by our SpoRTfoto Trescher team. The photos from 18.07.2023 and 19.07.2023 are already online and give a great insight into the action. For those who can hardly wait to see the spectacular shots from 20.07.2023, we have good news: The preview photos will be available from 24/07/2023 in the evening.

We hope you enjoyed this experience at the Cornu Master School as much as we did. A big thank you to all the participants and the instructor team for their passion and dedication!

We wish you a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Your SpoRTfoto Trescher Team Reinhold and Ulli