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Cornu Master School 23.-24.08.2023 Anneau du Rhin

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Cornu Master School offered motorsport enthusiasts two unforgettable days of free driving on the racetrack in Alsace. Divided into three different performance groups, the participants were able to demonstrate their driving skills and steadily improve. The presence of competent instructors guaranteed comprehensive support while they gave valuable tips and guidance to refine their driving technique.

The heat was a huge challenge during these days. Under the scorching sun, it required not only riding skills but also physical endurance. But despite the enormous temperatures, there was a remarkable atmosphere in the paddock. The participants shared their enthusiasm for motorsport, exchanged experiences and created a community driven by their passion.

The driving time on the track was ample, giving the participants ample opportunity to hone their skills and improve in the handling of their vehicle. Every turn, every straight, offered a new opportunity for further development.

Special thanks to Anita and Clairelise who, despite the heat, fed the whole paddock with delicious lunches.

Overall, the Cornu Master School at the ADR was not only an event of free riding, but also a place to meet like-minded people, learn and improve. The mix of driving challenge, competent instructors, helpful tips, plenty of driving time and warm fellowship created an unforgettable atmosphere that the participants will remember for a long time.

The photos from 23.08.2023 and 24.08.2023 are available online – have a look right now

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