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Peter Studer Have Fun 08.08.2023 Anneau du Rhin

By 12. August 2023No Comments

On 8 August 2023, Peter Studer and his Have Fun Team organised a successful “Racing for Fun” event on the picturesque Rhine Ring. The event promised excitement and fun right from the start, and it did not disappoint at all.

The starting field was impressively full, as racing enthusiasts from all over the region had signed up to show off their skills on the track. The dedicated instructors from the Have Fun team were on hand to share their expertise and offer valuable advice to the participants. This created a learning atmosphere of respect and striving for improvement.

What particularly stood out was the discipline of the participants. The riders maintained a remarkable level of discipline on the slopes and directly applied what they had learned.

The weather was ideal on this day, with the sun beaming in the sky, and the riders were able to enjoy the curves and straights of the Rheinring to the fullest.

Next to the race track, there was a great atmosphere in the paddock. The participants and accompanying persons alike were in high spirits, swapping stories and sharing their enthusiasm for motorsport. It was clear that a community of like-minded people had come together here.

All in all, the Racing for Fun event on the Rheinring was a great success. Thanks to Peter Studer and his dedicated Have Fun team, motorsport enthusiasts were able to experience a day full of adrenaline, learning, fair play and community. The positive atmosphere and memories are sure to linger in the minds of participants and spectators for a long time to come.

The photos from 08.08.2023 are available online and can be ordered now.

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