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Plüss MotoSport 17.07.2023 ADR

On 17.07.2023, Plüss MotoSport organised a successful event at the Anneau du Rhin, which offered all participants an exciting opportunity for free driving. With 40 minutes of Open Pitlane, the experienced pilots had enough time to explore the track and demonstrate their driving skills.

For the beginners, there were special 20-minute turns that gave them a chance to familiarise themselves with motorsport.

The drivers made the most of the long driving and practice sessions, and the track was bustling with activity. The heat got to the drivers, but they didn’t let it stop them from doing their best and improving their lap times. The drivers shared their experiences, gave each other tips and enjoyed the common passion for motorsport.

The photos from 17.07.2023 are already available online and offer a great insight into the action-packed moments on the race track. For all motorsport enthusiasts, these pictures are a wonderful reminder and relive the thrilling atmosphere of the race day.

Your SpoRTfoto Trescher Team