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Speer Racing 06.-07.06.2023 Rheinring

Speer Racing on 06.-07.06.2023 at the Rheinring:

2 days full of adrenaline and speed! The drivers had plenty of driving time and enough space on the track, which made for a breathtaking experience. The few interruptions allowed the drivers to fully concentrate on their lap times and demonstrate their skills to fly around the corners and reach their top speeds on the long straights.

The summer temperatures added to the challenge and demanded everything from the drivers.

There was a great atmosphere in the paddock. The riders and helpers were working on their bikes to prepare them optimally for the next rounds.

The photos from 06.06.2023 and 07.06.2023 are already available online. The shots perfectly capture the action, the emotions and the breathtaking moments of the Speer Racing Event. Motorsport enthusiasts can thus enjoy the pictures and review the highlights of the event.

All in all, the Speer Racing on 06-07.06.2023 at the Rheinring was an all-round successful event. With plenty of driving time, enough space on the track, few interruptions, summer temperatures and a great atmosphere in the paddock, it was super days for drivers, teams and attendants alike.

Your SpoRTfoto Trescher Team
Reinhold & Ulli