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Speer Racing 27.-29.07.2023 Anneau Du Rhin

Three days of action on the race track – the Speer Racing Event at the Anneau Du Rhin was once again a complete success! The renowned Speer Racing Team had organised everything perfectly so that motorsport enthusiasts got their money’s worth.

The participants were divided into three performance groups to ensure the best possible driving experience. For those who wanted to further improve their skills, there was a special instructor training. The instructors were highly committed and provided the riders with valuable tips and advice.

The obligatory timekeeping was meticulously done so that the participants could accurately analyse their performance. The perfect grip on the track was ensured by the tyre service, which was always on standby to optimally equip the moto bikes.

The weather played with changeable conditions, but this could not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants. On the contrary, it provided additional challenges and made the driving even more exciting.

The driving time was generous, so that everyone had ample opportunity to test the limits of their vehicle and their own skills. At the same time, a relaxed atmosphere prevailed in the paddock, where like-minded people shared their passion for motorsport.

Those who want to capture the moments of the action-packed event can already view and order the photos available online.

Your SpoRTfoto Trescher Team Reinhold & Ulli