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TIMMOT 15.-16.06.2024 ADR

Two days of glorious sunshine and ideal weather made this year’s TIMMOT event on 15 and 16 June 2024 an unforgettable experience on the Rheinring. The participants were able to look forward to plenty of driving time in small, homogeneous groups, which enabled an intensive and individual driving experience. Thanks to the smooth organisation by Timea and her team, there were no interruptions, which contributed to a super relaxed atmosphere in the paddock.

The perfect organisation was also reflected in the all-round successful atmosphere, in which both beginners and experienced drivers felt equally at ease. The event offered every participant the opportunity to improve their driving skills and get the best out of their vehicle.

The photos from 15/06/2024 and 16/06/2024 are now available online. They perfectly capture the dynamism and fun of the event and offer participants wonderful memories of two great days on the Rheinring.