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  • Daily event as download in full resolution (4896×3264 pixels)

    55,00 105,00 

    incl. VAT

    Free Shipping

  • Daily event on wafer (USB card) in full resolution (4896×3264 pixels)

    61,50 111,50 

    incl. VAT

    plus shipping costs

  • Digital photo for download (4896×3264 pixels)

    32,50 85,50 

    incl. VAT

    Free Shipping

  • Season Subscription

    140,00 310,00 

    incl. VAT

    Free Shipping

  • Photo print

    6,50 59,50 

    incl. VAT

    plus shipping costs

  • Pictures of desired selection: 3-5 photos of a driver from 1 event (1920×1280 pixels)

    33,00 45,00 

    incl. VAT

    Free Shipping

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Within Germany we deliver from an order value of € 150 € postage free. With a lower order value and for international orders, we charge postage and shipping costs.

How can I order 3 or 5 photos of an event?

Put one of the photos you want in the shopping cart, select the product (3 or 5 photos of an event) and write the other photos you want in the “Comments on the order” field at the end of the ordering process.

What is the resolution of the photos?

The photos are in the original resolution of the camera, depending on the camera used, they have a resolution of around 4896 x 3264 pixels.

Do the purchased photos have the “SpoRTfoto Trescher” watermark?

The purchased photos will not have a watermark.

How can I place my order?

  1. Order directly from the web shop.
  2. Order by informal e-mail stating the event, date, start number, group and/or photo numbers.
  3. You will receive a confirmation by email with all the payment details.

How can I pay my order?

  1. When ordering via the online shop, you can pay securely online directly. You will immediately receive automated feedback.
    Alternatively, you can select the prepayment/advance bank transfer option. You will then receive the stored bank details for our accounts at Postbank Karlsruhe by e-mail.
  2. If you order via informal e-mail, you will receive an individual confirmation e-mail with all payment details during our office hours. Please understand that our opening hours vary in the summer months, as we are often on the road for you at events.