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PROMAX 12.05.2024 ADR

On 12 May 2024, Mother’s Day, PROMAX hosted a super event on the Rheinring. With a full field of starters and excellent organisation led by Birgit and her team, the atmosphere was simply fantastic.

The weather also played along – pleasant temperatures ensured the best conditions on and off the track. After an exciting day, the participants and companions enjoyed a cosy finale where cheese, bacon and other delicacies were served.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the long-awaited shower arrived just in time after the end of the event to refresh nature.

The photos from 12/05/2024 are available online for anyone who experienced the day or would like to look back on it. It was an unforgettable day full of action, joy and community spirit – just the right thing to celebrate Mother’s Day in style.

Your SpoRTfoto Trescher Team

Reinhold & Ulli