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Speer Racing 01.-02.06.2024 Anneau du Rhin

Speer Racing took place at the Anneau du Rhin on the weekend of 1 and 2 June 2024. Despite the changeable weather, the participants did not let it spoil their mood. The drivers showed flexibility and adapted their strategy to the conditions by changing their tyres to rain tyres several times.

A special highlight of the weekend was the additional ‘Bike Control’ group, who were out on the track as novices on Saturday. In addition to this special group, there were three other performance groups. Despite the changeable weather, the paddock was full of good humour. People laughed, talked shop and strengthened the sense of community.

The photos from 01.06.2024 and 02.06.2024 are now available online .

Your SpoRTfoto Trescher Team

Reinhold and Ulli